Preschool hunting!!

I used to be so sleepy by 10.
These days I am having a late night every night.
This is the only time that I can get something done.
I am so sleepy yet I need to settle things.
This is the time for me to check on the orders for the day.
Filling my cash flow documents.
Updating my Database.
Owhhh you know the boring stuffs that you have to do.
My children are sleeping and so does my husband.
He has a shoot tomorrow.
Which means it is going to be a very busy day for me tomorrow plus clinic day.
I seriously can't wait for a weekend.
Luckily I started hiring an assistant to help out with simple things like checking stocks, orders, packaging and posting.
Alhamdulillah, upto yesterday, our sale for February has reached almost RM 10 000.
The month is still long. I am aiming for more than last month.

I did peep on my bonus slip for this month. Alhamdulillah!
I just ran to hubby and asked him to guess how much Shaklee is paying me for last month sale.
And he answered so wrong. I guess he never thought that we would be getting this high.
It is more than a doctor's salary I would say.
Alhamdulillah for this blessing.
It gives me a boost on my determination.
So much to do. So much to plan, strategized and to execute.

I have been meaning to send Isabella to preschool one of these days.
However, didn't have the chance to go through the preschool around these area.
Thankfully Melawati has so many good preschool.
Finally, today I managed to squeeze a few minutes to search online.

Came up with:
1)Q dees Melawati
2)Real Kids
3)Melawati Preschool
4)Brainy Bunch

We still haven't decided yet. I plan to drop by to check on those schools before we make our decision.
Most probably I will not choose Real Kids at her age.
She is turning 3 in October.
For Real Kids, they place a 3 year old in nursery with below 3. This is based on Real Kids Cyberjaya that I sent Isabella last year.
So after the child reach 3 years old and above, she will join the preschoolers and enter the classroom.
I checked with Real Kids Melawati and that is their standard system.

I don't know but I find that kind of a waste.
Even at 1 year plus, my little girl can identify colors, know alphabetes and numbers already. She can scribble, can count perfectly and recognize shape.
Her vocabs are increasing as well.
To have her mixing with younger children who will have less activities will be a waste for her.
Usually at that age they do a lot of singing and dancing which was fine when she was 1 year plus before.
Now that she is 2 years plus, turning 3 and I know her potential, I just want better education for a 2 year-3 year age.

But after 3 years old, Real Kids can be in the list. Based on my previous experience in Real Kids Cyberjaya, it was organized and professional. I also like how the teachers plan their lessons and handle the children from 3 years plus to 6 years old.
They have so many fun activities.

As for now, my heart is set on Q dees. Still gonna check on it real soon.
Will share with you guys.

I actually wish to enroll her at Lhorna Whinston. However, they only accept kids after 4 years old.
Therefore, Isabella has to wait for atleast a year:)

Okay you guys know how much I like Vivy right?
I haven't seen her insta or read her blog like ages.
So, tonight I decided to catch up on Vivy's blog. But owh my last read was in November and it is already February.It is going to be too long to catch up and I am so sleepy.
I wonder what is new. Maybe Daniel is entering primary school already hehehe or Maryam can walk and run by now.

Okay I am off to bed. Forgive me if I have spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. I am just too sleepy to reread this again.
Will catch up soon. Bye2.


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